The sun is shining, the surf is pumping and you’ve been hanging out at the beach long enough to hear a proper grumble from your stomach area. It’s time to eat, but leaving the beach is hard and besides, dinner is booked at a fairly la-di-dah place. What are we talking about? Cheap eats on Hastings St: they do exist!

Raw + Rice

An excellent option for those looking for something healthy for their waistline and their wallet, Raw + Rice is tucked away opposite the bus station on Hastings St. Based on the poke bowl phenomenon, choose your base (rice, quinoa or greens), proteins, vegetables, sauce and crunch in a colourful lunch that is both filling and nourishing. Perfect for offsetting that delectable gourmet dinner you’ve got planned later, Kids Bowls are $9.90 (and pretty good value if you’re not a huge eater) whilst Regular are $15.90.


Aah, what did we do before smoothie bowls and acai berries?? Here, on the former site of the Acais Bros chain is Olakino. Serving up the breakfast (or lunch) of healthy champions at $14.50 for a regular bowl of all the sweet and cold things, this is excellent value to take back down to the beach. Conveniently located on the beach side of Raw+Rice and with the same principal of building a bowl but with frozen berries, fruit and nuts, this is yummy on a hot, sandy day.

Betty’s Burgers

Hit the town last night and keen to acknowledge that rice which isn’t fried and a few berries is not going to set you right for the rest of the day? Betty’s Burgers on Hastings St is just about the best thing going. Choose from juicy mushroom, beef or chicken burgers, load up on fries and top it off with some sweet concrete ice cream done your way. Burgers are all around the $15 mark, but the best part for those lying prone on the beach with the darkest sunglasses they could find, is that you can order from your phone. Just stumble down and pick up without waiting in line.


All the locals on the beach know where to go for a brekky or midday feed, and they’re making a beeline for Nosh. Located in the arcade behind Bistro C, this is where those after an honest burger, salad and hot chips go after a solid morning on the beach. The Big Nosh Burger (with everything) or fish and chips will set you back a paltry $15, and with old fashioned milkshakes, smoothies and a huge range of salads on offer, this is hard-to-beat value. Nosh also have an online ordering system for those having too much fun on the beach.

Cafe Le Monde

Feel like a little nibble, but aren’t into hot chips and burgers? Café Le Monde has a $1 oyster afternoon that is exceptional value. Have a glass of wine, order 12 of the best (natural, Kilpatrick etc) and watch the Hastings St traffic roll by. $1 oysters are available.

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